Boutique Bottoms

Brownie Floral

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Pink Retro Floral

Boutique Bottoms are a staple here at Livi Lu Originals. I make them a lot because they are simply fabulous. You cannot understand how great they are until you own a pair!

Every single time that Olivia wears hers she gets tons and tons of compliments on them. I hear people that we don't even know talking about her pants making comments like, "Oh look at those pants!" "Those are the most adorable pants!" "I LOVE her pants!" She is very spoiled by them because they are so comfortable. She asks to wear them nearly every day.

I've received many emails from customers whose daughters love theirs just as much. One of them calls them her Sassy Pants because she feels so great when she's wearing them!

They are so versatile because they can be mixed and matched with anything. T Shirts, sweaters, dresses, tunics....the possibilities are endless. Boutique Bottoms are another one of Livi Lu's "Grow With Your Girl" items. The elastic waist allows for growth around the middle. And as your child grows taller, they become Capri pants. You will get year round wear from them!

The Boutique Bottoms can be made in any of the available fabrics. They feature a 2" doubled ruffle and an elastic waist for a comfortable fit.

Ankle Length: $28
Capri Length: $26

Shipping and handling for one pair is $3. Two or more pairs add $1 each.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Shipping charges are combined on orders containing more than one item.

*More examples of Boutique Bottoms can be seen throughout the website.